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Client testimonials


K. Kelsey

I took the January 2019 Womens Self Defence Class and I am so glad I did!!!!  I had never taken a self defence class b efore and did not know what to expect. I had ideas about what self defence might be and what I might do in a situation... was I ever wrong!  Rob and Beth made everyone feel very welcome and comfortable. This class ranged in age from 15 to 43 I can't say enough about their instruction - they are truly passionate about teaching these skills and you will leave this class feeling much more confident that you could survive a dangerous situation.  Every woman has thought about "what would I do if" and some of us have even experienced the "what if" With the techniques and strategies that Beth and Rob teach, I feel like I would have a fighting chance in a life or death situation and that everything I thought I knew about what self defence is about was wrong.  Knowing what to do in a dangerous situation and practising these techniques is worth so much more than the $40.00 to take this course. Every woman needs to take this class, it might save your life. I highly recommend taking this class, my daughter will be taking it, my friends should take it, every woman needs to take this class.

Tanya D - Professional Realtor

This course is taught with the perfect balance of realism, respect and compassion. Beyond practical training by a qualified instructor!  Rob and Beth you're a POWER TEAM and you do what you do extremely well... Thank you for everything

A Mom Who Took Action To Give Power Back to Her Girl!

My 19-year old daughter called on a Thursday evening to tell me that she had just been speaking to the police because a man had followed her home after she picked up her dinner. The man became increasingly aggressive with her. FYI - My daughter attends a University in Toronto and lives in residence. She was very shaken. With the help of the Don-on-duty, she contacted the campus security and the police.

After telling me she was okay she proceeded to tell me that she had been sexually assaulted in a bar a week earlier by a man that she thought was her friend. She found out later that he had actually targeted her in advance. As a parent, I was beside myself. My worst fears had happened and she was trying to deal with it on her own.

She was fortunately coming home the next day and wasn’t sure she would go back to school. I told my husband who was beside himself and couldn’t speak. He wanted her home. I thought, how can I help her deal with this situation. That’s when I messaged Rob as I knew he had just introduced a new street self-defence course to the community. It sounded like it dealt more with real-life situations. I messaged Rob and told him about the situation. He asked me to call him right away. Rob was extremely compassionate and understood what I was going through as a parent. He agreed to do a one-on-one session with my daughter at our home anytime I needed him to be there. I wanted to give her back some power and confidence. Rob assured me that this course was different and that when she was done that no one will want to f**k with her. It’s what I needed (and wanted) to hear.

Rob came and truly delivered the program he promised - practical, effective and memorable self defence training. My daughter was timid at first but as the session went on she began to trust her own instincts and apply what she was learning to get out of a dangerous situation. The part that I thought was the most effective was that Rob put in her the exact situations that she needed to get out of. This was needed so that her brain would imprint the feeling of aggression and what she needed to do to survive. Her brain now knows what it feels like and that she can get out. I can’t thank Rob enough for what he has given my girl. The skills of being aware of her surroundings, prevention techniques and empowerment to get out of an aggressive situation. He made her feel like a warrior. 

After the session, my daughter told me that earlier in the day she didn’t want to go back to school but she now felt that she could. There it was, right in front of me, the empowerment and confidence that I had hoped she would gain back!

I would recommend the Street Safe Self Defense course to everyone, male or female and any age. You just don’t know when you might be placed in a situation where you need these skills to come out of you without thinking. This is what this course will do for you and a loved one. I have signed up for the next session.

Signed: A Mom Who Took Action To Give Power Back to Her Girl!

Laura B.

I cannot express to you the day I had today. As I sit here I get chills thinking of the amazing site of watching women become warriors. Rob Andress helped empower women and literally changed lives as I stood and watched with my camera. I was moved to tears, I laughed, I cheered and I was educated. Pure and Applied Self Defence Course is something EVERYONE can learn from.. moms, dads, and kids should ALL be Looking into this. Thank you SO much Rob for an AMAZING day. Don’t kid yourself say no to your ego.... STREET SAFE Self Defence Training Company is the name you want!!!

S. Ross

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Rob Andress Core Certified Self Defence Instructor for the Street Safe Self Defence Training Company in Brockville, ON.

I had the opportunity to attend the Street Safe Self Defence Training. I went into the course thinking I was tough enough and could defend myself, until there was real life situations that we did with others that were stronger and bigger then myself that made me realise that I was wrong.

I came out of this course with confidence and strength not just physical strength but mental strength too. Now I will be able to defend myself if needed.

I want to thank Rob Andress for giving me the confidence and strength to live without fear.  Thank you


I attended a self defence seminar held by Rob Andress of Street Safe Self Defence Training Company. I cannot stress how important this self defence training is. Self defence training is crucial for everyone, and Rob is great at what he does.

He wants to teach you how to protect yourself, and when to protect yourself. He will teach you situational awareness, critical thinking, and to trust your intuition. This seminar will teach you how to stop an attack, and debilitate your attacker. The end goal of his training,

is for you to walk, or run, away and for your attacker not to be able to.

Rob is committed to what he teaches, and allows his participants to carry out a defence at full force. This ensures that each person who is taught this self defence strategy knows how to apply it in a real life attack.

Street Safe Self Defence Training prepares you for a real life situation. Rob runs an honest, graphic, and engaging seminar that teaches participants first how to de-escalate their attacker when possible, and how to forcefully protect themselves when necessary. The techniques taught are not flashy or intricate, this is not advanced martial arts, they are simple, forceful and effective for everyone!  Without a doubt, this seminar has prepared me to stop an attack, and given me the ability to fight an attacker until they are no longer a threat. I highly recommend self defence training from Rob Andress and Street Safe Self Defence Training Company, for you, for your spouse, co-workers, family members and friends. Don’t wait until you or someone you know has been attacked to protect yourself. Be proactive, get Street Safe now.