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Self Protection Education For Seniors

Thugs deem Seniors as easy pray... LET'S PROVE THEM WRONG

As we age, we all begin to fear for our own safety just a little bit more, so it’s always a good idea to have some sound knowledge on how to protect ourselves using self-defence.  Strength to protect yourself comes from awareness of your surroundings, having a strong personal presence, and understanding what you’re capable of doing and not capable of doing really is key to Senior safe living.

Our Self Protection Education for Seniors is a program that's taught in a relaxed environment focusing heavily of personal awareness.  We cover aspects of senior living and safety to bring an understanding to our clients that although we are ageing and maybe we can't do all we could before, we still can maintain our safety. 


Statistics show that seniors are more vulnerable to property crimes, such as vehicle thefts or burglaries. Some 92% of all crimes against people aged 65 and over are property crimes.  Male offenders account for 79% of all crimes against senior citizens. They are also usually unknown to their victims.

Our Self Protection Education For Seniors covers basic PURE & APPLIED Self Defence Principals including high priority targets,  our program doesn't stop here.  We review situations that you will face everyday even ones as simple as walking down the street to entering elevators to dealing with someone who tries to hurt your for your money or valuables. 

Not only is the course FUN and full of excitement, it will provide you with empowerment and the skills to take control of your fears and concerns. 

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse refers to harm done to an older person by a relative, friend, caregiver or anyone that the older person relies on to fulfill their basic needs.

Hundreds and hundreds  of cases of elder abuse are reported  each year and they are on the rise. According to Elder Abuse Ontario, the number of seniors in the Region of Peel is increasing at three times the rates of the rest of Ontario and Canada.

Types of Elder Abuse:

Financial Abuse a Financial abuse occurs when a person engages in actions that decrease the financial worth of a senior without a benefit to that person. T

Psychological Abuse a Psychological abuse occurs when a person engages in actions that decreased a senior’s sense of self-worth and dignity. 

Physical Abuse a Physical abuse occurs when a person takes actions that injures or risks injuring a senior.

Sexual Abuse a Sexual abuse occurs when a person engages in unwanted touching, behaviour or remarks of a sexual nature toward a senior.