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Effective High School Self Defence Program



The specialized program we offer for students covers the Personal Safety component of the Healthy Living strand in the Curriculums. We educate your students with awareness, prevention, and hands-on skills that can protect them for the rest of their lives!

Students learn the physical aspects of self defence using simple, easy to understand methods that keep them active and engaged. We provide a self defence course based on reality – not martial arts that requires years of training, fine motor skills and focus.

Self Defence And Violence Prevention Training Provides Critical Life Skills.

Beyond the scope of the traditional self defence or martial arts class, students will learn to recognize and avoid violence. Our program teaches awareness, prevention, conflict management and de-escalation strategies. We provide facts and information on healthy relationships and bullying as well as managing and understanding violence in the digital world they now live in.

We also offer a program specially developed for SHSM Justice students focused on social violence and conflict resolution. The physical tactics portion of our SHSM course centers on control tactics that will provide your SHSM students with real life skills that they will be able to call on in their chosen profession. We are honoured to provide these students with skills that will complement formal training when entering their new careers.

Teens often know very little about how to prevent, handle, or defend themselves in harmful or sometimes life-threatening situations. Providing this training helps to prepare them for their independence – we’ve taught thousands of Ontario students how to life a safer life!

What is included in this course:

Empowering high school students with the essential skills

of violence prevention and self-defense is truly rewarding.

Contributing to the safety and confidence of our 

youth is a priority for us!   



Course Takeaways

While each grade has different expectations of the personal safety component, the overall objectives are common for all students. Girls, Boys, LGBTQ/Non-Binary, and the most vulnerable students all benefit from violence prevention and personal safety training. In fact, this may be their only opportunity to learn these critical life skills.

Increased Confidence

Knowing how to react to adverse situations will let you handle social situations with your head held high.


Violence isn’t always the answer. Knowing how to de-escalate a situation, if possible, is an invaluable skill.

Situational Awareness

Learn how to spot potential threats before they arise. Becoming aware of the movements around you is critical to safety.


Spend less time worrying about how you would respond to situations and more time enjoying your newfound peace of mind.


Word on the street

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What we know

We’re grateful that so many people and organizations across the nation have trusted us with their self defence training.

46% of Canada’s 16- and 17-year-old children have been victims of harassment, verbal aggression, threats, and physical assault at school

Every school in Ontario has a bullying problem. In high schools, more than half of the victims choose not to report to school officials

Four out of 10 high school aged boys report being physically assaulted


Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

We follow each class through their Phys Ed schedule for the length of the program. The times we see them may tumble, but we spend a total of 4 or 5 periods with each class throughout the week.

We bring all the training gear.  All we need from the school is a gym and a set of mats. 


Not at all.  Violence among male students is increasing at an alarming rate.  Boys face different types of violence – often more severe, and more likely to involve a weapon.  And we know that the cybercrime of sextortion affects young males disproportionately (extortion for money with the threat of non-consensual sharing of intimate images), with 87% of victims being boys between the ages of 15 and 17.  Our programs focus on what today’s youth deal with every day, whether it be a boys, girls, or co-ed classroom.


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