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Violence, either in or out of the workplace, causes stress, anxiety, and physical harm. No office or professional space is ever completely free of threat, and there’s more than morale and profits at stake – interactions with violence can bring employee trauma, lost production, reputation damage, and even risk human lives.

Situational Awareness, Conflict Management, De-Escalation skills and physical Self Defence training are all important components of corporate safety, whether in the office, entering client and customer homes, or working in public settings.

From healthcare to municipal works, our goal is to provide a complete, custom corporate training and education system that is easy to understand and implement, tailored to your work environment.  We bring your team members together in a supportive environment and teach them to think strategically, improve their problem-solving abilities, and increase their confidence in dealing with difficult situations – all skills that build the foundation of self defence.

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Peace Of Mind

Learning to identify anomalies within the baseline of the work environment is a key awareness skill that enables your staff to identify risks and threatening behaviors before they become a victim to another’s need and desire to be right!  The physical skills we provide your staff with are developed to be effective regardless of age, stature, or conditioning.  We teach basic principles – strikes and concepts that are easy to recall and are highly effective, different from martial arts programs that require agility, memory, and years of training to master.

Training is structured around you –  from a Lunch and Learn series to a full five-hour training session, our goal is to make your employees the safest they can be.  We offer mobile, time-efficient, and cost-effective training programs across the country.

Street Safe Self Defence’s training experts understand the risks and are intimately familiar with the reality of professional spaces.  We’re passionate about protecting people and saving lives.

What is included in this course

We’re grateful that so many people and organizations across the nation have trusted us with their self defence training.


Course Takeaways

Self defence training teaches you more than how to protect yourself from attacks. You’ll also learn a variety of lifelong skills that can be applied in everyday life.

Increased Confidence

Knowing how to react to adverse situations will let you handle social situations with your head held high.


Violence isn’t always the answer. Knowing how to de-escalate a situation, if possible, is an invaluable skill.

Situational Awareness

Learn how to spot potential threats before they arise. Becoming aware of the movements around you is critical to safety.


Spend less time worrying about how you would respond to situations and more time enjoying your newfound peace of mind.


Word on the street

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What we know

We’re grateful that so many people and organizations across the nation have trusted us with their self defence training.

Registered nurses are more likely to be attacked at work than prison guards or police officers

The biggest risk lone workers face is violence in their work environment

1 in 5 Violent incidents occur in the workplace


Important Questions
To Ask Yourself

No! We don’t host our classes in fitness centers or gyms like typical self-defense training companies; we believe in convenience! Street Safe Self Defence’s training classes are completely mobile – that means we travel to you! We supply all necessary equipment and gear, the only thing you need to bring is a positive attitude and a smile!

All of Street Safe Self Defence’s training programs (high school, realtor, women’s, general, and corporate) are available in our unique mobile model. Are you ready to receive the highest standard of self defence training in Canada in the comfort of your own home, school, or workplace? Contact us today to get started!

Despite the fact that most of our clients are in Ontario, we recognize that safety knows no boundaries; that’s why Street Safe Self Defence operates Canada-wide. From Edmonton and Toronto to everywhere in between, we’ve helped thousands of people from all over the nation find the confidence to stand up for themselves in the face of danger. 

Not sure if our pure applied self defence courses are available in our area? We’d be happy to accommodate you! Contact us today and we’d be happy to talk about how we can bring Canada’s best self defence training program to your doorstep!

Yes, for many reasons. First, you get exactly what you pay for: world-class self defence training. You’ll be able to defend yourself against violence in any situation at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s in a high school, at a home viewing, at a workplace, or even on the street, our detailed and comprehensive training programs are designed to keep you safe.

Second, you learn so much more than just physical skills. We train you to pick up on things that would otherwise go unnoticed, such as situational awareness, violence de-escalation skills, stress management, and much more. Contact us today to get the self defence training you deserve!

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