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Rob and Beth Andress are the operators of Street Safe Self Defence.  After training in martial arts and jiu jitsu together, one of them experienced an interaction that left them less than confident in their training and ability to defend against an attack. This set Rob on a journey to discover and develop training in the truest form of self defence – a critical life skill that everyone should have the opportunity to learn. Understanding violence and predatorial behaviour, how the human body reacts in fear or under threat, and the awareness and mindset required to be able to fight for your life have all been key to the foundation of our programs. Coupling this with easy to learn and remember physical skills that work for everyone (regardless of size, stature, or physical ability) provides training sessions that are reality based and address your ‘what if’ questions and scenarios.  

Our professional training team has been chosen and developed with a passion for perfection, and we are pleased to introduce you to each of our Street Safe Self Defence instructors!

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Read about our individual stories and discover the story behind our
passion for educating people about self defence and violence prevention!

Rob Andress

While he comes from a background of extensive martial arts, competitive kickboxing, and combative training, he won’t teach you any of that. Through his own life experiences and deep understanding of social and anti-social violence, Rob knows there is a better way to train, educate and provide people with a foundation to help live a safer life, and a more effective way to protect yourself. Rob is certified in Violence Prevention and Self Defence, as well as Pure and Applied debilitation tactics. He is designated as an Advanced Practitioner in Situational Awareness and has trained with internationally renowned experts in both the psychology of violence and effective physical self-defence techniques.

Rob is also a trained facilitator with the A.L.I.V.E program, and provides active threat survival training to educators and corporate clients, as well as being certified through The Center For Trauma Informed Practices in Family Dynamics, Trauma Response and Foundations in Threat Assessment.

Rob Andress

Rob teaches and trains the most vulnerable members of our society ranging from high school students to seniors. His empathy and understanding of current societal challenges including gender based violence and socio-economic issues makes him a classroom favorite, and a sought-out expert for corporate training sessions.


Joining Rob in the Self Defence industry, Beth completed her training with a world renowned specialist, and received her Violence Prevention and Self Defence Certification . She then hung up her Gi, walked away from Martial Arts training, and never looked back. Educating on awareness and prevention became a passion, along with the instruction of easy to learn, effective techniques that work for everyone.

She is certified in Street Safe’s core curriculum, holds Advanced Practitioner status in Situational Awareness, and maintains a full-time career in law enforcement. Staying current with the trends and resources surrounding digital violence and human trafficking is an important part of what Beth brings to our Street Safe programs.

Beth Andress

While her smaller size and stature may not create the image of a typical self defence instructor, Beth has passionately delivered self defence and violence prevention classes to hundreds of high school students, families, women, men, realtors, travelers and corporate clients and is one of our most requested instructors.


Matija is a familiar face to the thousands of high school students and teachers that he has trained and worked with, and he is often requested to return to the schools he teaches in. Matija is a Certified Street Safe Instructor and brings extensive experience in self defence and Violence Prevention Instruction to all his clients.

With over 20 years of training in several styles of both martial arts and street fighting, and a professional career in Personal Protection, Matija understands the importance of prevention, awareness, and skills that pre-empt the need for combative tactics in order to be safe.

Matija is certified with the Center For Trauma Informed Practices in Family Dynamics, Trauma Response and Foundations in Threat Assessment.


Matija understands many of the issues youth face today.  His empathetic and easygoing nature creates instant connections with the students he works with. Mat is a true rock star both in and out of the classroom – ask him about his band!


Nick’s passion for the past 30 years has been training students in Karate. His experience with both youth and adults makes him a true asset to Street Safe’s instructor list. A 5th Degree Black Belt and Shihan, Nick is also a Street Safe Self Defence Certified Instructor who knows that true self defence involves more than physical skills.

With a clear understanding of the difference between sport training and reality violence , Nick brings a high level of compassion to his instruction and an approachability that is welcoming to everyone he works with. Nick has developed a rapport with many of our clients, including teachers and students that often request his return to their classroom.

Nick has continued his education with certification from The Center For Trauma Informed Practices in Family Dynamics, Trauma Response and Foundations in Threat Assessment.


Although we keep him busy, when Nick is not instructing he enjoys using his gift as a classical singer in Toronto and the GTA, as well as spending time with his wife and daughter.


As a certified Street Safe Instructor, Jass brings a level of knowledge and devotion to our team that we are fortunate to have within our complement. He is an experienced personal protection specialist, a certified use of force instructor and a private sector operator - he has seen and experienced real-life violence at its worst. Jass has studied with some of the world’s leaders in reality self defence and violence prevention and is highly versed in multiple forms of effective combative tactics.
He holds a tremendous amount of empathy for those who have survived and experienced violence and the trauma it causes. Jass holds a certification through The Center For Trauma Informed Practices in Family Dynamics, Trauma Response and Foundations in Threat Assessment. His research, experience and empathy have brought him into the violence prevention and education industry as a true professional dedicated to helping others learn how to prevent, counter and survive violence.


Jass strives to create a connection with his clients, and it’s through this connection that allows him to bring some of the world’s most realistic and effective training to you. He reminds us every day that complacency is not an option in this chosen field with his motto – Prevention is the key to your safety, and awareness is key to prevention!


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