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The Term "Womens Self Defence Seminars" is thrown around by too many individuals who have no idea about high violence reality training.   

Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread violations of human rights.  Sexual assault and domestic violence knows no boundaries of age, race, or culture.   

  • There is around 460,000 sexual assault against women reported each year in Canada... The fighting part is only  6 out of every 100 incidents are reported to the police
  • In eight out of ten rape cases, the perpetrator is someone known to the victim.
  • One in three women will be the victim of domestic abuse in her lifetime.
  • In a 6 month period 78 Canadian Women have been killed by their husband or spouse... 6 months
  • Nearly one in five teenage girls who have been in a relationship report a boyfriend threatened violence or self-harm if faced with a break-up.
  • It's estimated that 25% of College and University women will experience some form of sexual assault during their education                                 

Self Defence training for women must be easy to learn, it's essential that the techniques can be remembered and it's vital that the training works. Our women's self protection training is not based on complicated or confusing Martial Arts Techniques.  Our techniques don't require you to be in good physical conditioning.  Our focus is on prevention and personal awareness. Our training workshops cover all aspects of violent encounters we even address elevator and parking lot safety.  If you ever find yourself caught in that "What if moment" the combative component of our training is based on PURE & APPLIED Self Defence Techniques, we support the understanding and use of debilitation training to ensure you have the highest possible success in a high violent verbal and physcial situation.



  • 80 - 85% of sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim. 
  • 57% of rapes occur on dates.
  • 43% of college-aged men admitted to using coercive behaviors to have sex, including ignoring a woman's protest, using physical aggression, and forcing intercourse.  Only 15% acknowledged that they had committed acquaintance rape.


  • The majority of stranger rapists tend to target their victims from afar, such as seeing her in a parking lot or walking in the neighborhood.
  • Stranger rapists are more likely than acquaintance rapists to utilize a weapon. 


  • 10 - 14% of all married women have been raped by their husbands.
  • Women who did not finish high school reported four times more incidence of marital rape than women who received their diplomas.
  • In the United States, marital rape did not become a crime in all 50 states until 1994.


  • 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 7 boys will be sexually victimized before the age of 18.
  • 1 out of every 5 rape victims is under the age of 12.
  • For 60% of "sexually active" girls under the age of 14, their only sexual experience had been a rape.
  • Childhood sexual abuse is highly associated with future revictimization.

The World Health Organization estimates that violence against women is a greater cause of death among women ages 15-44 than cancer, malaria, and traffic accidents combined.  Violence against women and girls is a grave violation of human rights. 

You will find our Women's Self Protection Course fun, exciting and full of valuable information on violence and the diffusion of the violence.  Our program is PURE & APPLIED Self Defence, intended one purpose only. We believe in reality based training and education that works and will prepare you to deal with all areas of violence from social arguments to full out high violent attack.  Empowering People & Changing Live

Pre and Post Training

We are BIG advocates for prevention and being prepared for the worst, however sometimes we don't have that opportunity and we meet clients that have already experienced an event.  We provide training in the comfort of your house, with your family members or support members.  Contact us 24/7 we will be there to help you regain yourself and your empowerment.

TESTIMONIAL: I cannot express to you the day I had today. As I sit here I get chills thinking of the amazing site of watching women become warriors. Rob Andress helped empower women and literally changed lives as I stood and watched with my camera. 

I was moved to tears, I laughed, I cheered and I was educated. Pure and Applied Self Defence Course is something EVERYONE can learn from.. moms, dads, and kids should ALL be Looking into this. 

Thank you SO much Rob for an AMAZING day. Don’t kid yourself say no to your ego.... STREET SAFE Self Defence Training Company is the name you want!!!   L.L

TESTIMONIAL: I participated in a self defence program, held by STREET SAFE Self Defence Training Company.   This course taught me not only an approach of self defence and an understanding of the psychological aspect behind attackers. 

As someone who was in a domestic violence situation, I have taken a step to seek an understanding of why someone attacks and how to prevent it if any further attacks were to occur.   That is where this course has helped me grow to become more confident, to make me feel and know that I do have the power and capability to get out of a violent situation.

I most definitely recommend this course to the public, and to the Victim Witness Assistance Program to help survivors gain more knowledge, skill and understanding on self defence and how to deal with high violent situations.