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Canada's leading violence prevention training for today's real estate professional

Developed by a REALTOR®, for REALTORS®.

Based on Rob’s 38 years as a Real Estate Professional and working hand in hand with victims of violence within the Real Estate Industry, Rob & Beth Andress have developed one of North America’s leading training modules: Know Thy Enemy – Prospect or Predator.

They’ve changed the way real estate professionals do their jobs, and helped thousands of professionals who work within the Real Estate Industry across Canada have a safer career – and life.  


Your Safety is our Priority

Know Thy Enemy – Prospect or Predator is a reality-based violence prevention and self defence program that focuses on every aspect of the real estate agent’s job. Breaking apart behaviours like sexual de-sensitization tactics, education on how to pre-qualify the true intentions of a cold call, safety in working environments including offices, listing appointments, property workups and open houses, managing social media contacts, and understanding pre-attack cues are just some of the topics we cover before we move to physical self defence skills.

Our physical tactics are developed to be effective regardless of age, stature, or conditioning.  We teach basic principles – strikes and concepts that are easy to recall and highly effective, unlike martial arts programs that require agility, memory, and years of complex training to master.  

We work with Provincial Associations, Regional Boards and individual brokerages to provide both in-person and online training solutions for member safety.  The feedback we receive is always the same – that this training should be mandatory for every real estate professional in the country.

Trusting your member’s safety training to us means working with a violence prevention specialist who has worked in the real estate industry for more than 3 decades.  Rob understands the Industry and has experienced some of the very issues we discuss firsthand.

What is included in this course

We are truly passionate about empowering real estate professionals with valuable skills that can enhance their personal safety and confidence in their day-to-day interactions. 



The following Webinars are delivered live, and are available to individuals, brokerages and board offices for scheduling. 

For more information about the individual courses and how we can facilitate the training for your group, please contact us directly.



Learn the behaviours displayed by those who have bad intentions and how to qualify cold calls as true prospects.


Learn how to navigate social violence and manage conflict.  De-escalation a situation before it turns violent is self defence!


What predators learn from your social media and how this puts you at risk.


Increase your safety by learning how to control your space and those that are in it.


Word on the street

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What we know

We’re grateful that so many people and organizations across the nation have trusted us with their self defence training.

Real estate professionals face far more on-the-job risks than many other business professionals. The Real Estate Industry is considered a high risk profession by many Security Professionals

45% of female and 15 to18% of male real estate agents and brokers in Canada have experienced a fearful situation during client and member to member interactions.  9.4% report having been a victim of crime while completing the duties of their job.


Learning and implementing strategies to increase your safety in this profession is imperative. “If we can stop the BEFORE – The after will NEVER happen”


Important Questions
To Ask Yourself

In this profession, you often meet people you don’t know in places you have never been, alone.  A predator can choose the time and location of where they want you to be – and often we override our intuition because a paycheck is dependent upon this meeting.

No, it isn’t. Under stress, even getting your phone out and calling 911 can be hit or miss; GPS location signals are not always accurate, and response times can be lengthy.  In truth, calling or threatening to call 911 can increase the level of threat you face. 

We have met real estate agents that have been threatened, robbed, and physically or sexually assaulted while simply completing the everyday, ordinary requirements of their job.  The trauma and effect of experiencing this type of crime are long lasting, and often effect family members and co-workers as well.  Investing a few hours of your time to learn about today’s criminals and why they might choose you, how to make yourself a hard target,  and learning the physical skills to identify and counter an attack will give you a priceless return.  In the ever changing landscape of this profession, one thing has remained the same – “It won’t happen to me” is not a reliable plan.

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