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Being an educator in today’s world has become an all-encompassing role.  You are teachers, counsellors, nutrition coaches, cheering squads, referees, first-aiders, listeners, mediators, and mentors – just to name a few.  

Most importantly for us, you are a safe space. We tell students that you are someone they can go to when they need to talk, or when they need help.  We know nobody has all the answers, so we’ve put together a list of ressources that may help you to help them.

and for parents

Helping kids stay safe while online is something many families are concerned about.  Technology can be intimidating, and keeping up with the growing lists of apps and interests of kids is challenging.

We put together the list of links below to help you learn about the risks children and teens face online, and to find some ways to help them be safer and smarter while using their phones.

What can we do

Today’s youth are facing violence in epidemic proportions –

thank you for letting them know they are not ALONE.


Need Help Now – this site helps teens stop the spread of sexual pictures or videos and provides support along the way.   There are several links within the site that are helpful for teachers, teens, and parents – specific instructions on removing pictures and videos, dealing with peers, getting emotional support, and the laws involved. The #ChangeTheStory campaign included will help teachers help their students to become aware of the harmful impacts of cyberbullying, and to help students recognize that they have a role to play in promoting positive change.

Confidential Reporting of Bullying – Courtesy of the Halton District School Board – we’re sharing so you can encourage your school board to implement something just like this! 

Cybertip  – This site is full of  information, resources, support and referral services, to help Canadians keep themselves and their families safe while using the internet. is also Canada’s tipline for reporting the online sexual abuse and exploitation of children

Don’t Get Sextorted  – Sextortion is when someone threatens to send your sexually explicit photo, video, or message to other individuals if you do not provide them with more sexual content or financial compensation.  It’s an epidemic, and sextortion and online crimes against youth are spiking dramatically.  Along with some valuable information and resources, there’s a downloadable Powerpoint presentation for your class called Sextortion – What Teens Need To Know.  It’s the most valuable15 minutes you’ll share with them this semester.

Kids Help Phone  -The Kids Help Phone has evolved to providing immediate support to youth by text or online.  The website also provides support forums as a place for kids to connect with other youth, share stories and receive encouragement. Under the Learn about Mental Health tab, you’ll find info and resources for adults and kids on everything from bullying, self-injury and substance abuse  to eating disorders, self-care and body image.  This website is full of great info and resources – don’t navigate away from it too quickly!

Anti Bullying Alliance  – Free online training programs that offer students to become CERTIFIED in understanding bullying, and how to respond and deal with it.

Drink Spiking – Share the facts on drink spiking.  From alcohol to date rape drugs, this site will provide you with information on motives, how it happens and some very uncomfortable statistics. 

Bullying of Special Needs Students – A great resource committed to raising awareness around bullying of special needs students.

Canadian Centre for Child Protection – Not only provides immediate help but also offers educational and prevention material to held keep kids safe online everyday.

Human Trafficking Foundational Information for School Boards – This is an excellent resource for schools and teachers, providing information on what human trafficking is, the myths surrounding human trafficking, understanding the manipulation and exploitation of victims, and how to support a disclosure.   Ontario has the second highest rates of reported human trafficking cases, with the Highway 401 corridor facilitating the movement of victims between major cities.  Please read and share this valuable information.

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